Dark Dark Dark (featuring Nona Marie’s Choir) recorded this Beatles cover (written by George Harrison) for a very good cause - The Minnesota Beatle Project.

“The Minnesota Beatle Project is a collaborative effort on behalf of the Minnesota music industry to provide support for music and art programs in Minnesota public schools. The albums feature esteemed MN-born-or-based musicians performing originally arranged compositions of their favorite Beatles songs. The album also features Minnesota public school student bands that have been recipents of Vega donations, as well as album artwork created by by students in Minnesota public schools. 100% of net proceeds from The Minnesota Beatle Project are used to rebuild and enhance music and art education for children in Minnesota public schools. Minnesota Beatle Project grants distributed in 2010 and 2011 have provided the opportunity for more than 15,000 students to participate in music and art programs statewide.”

You can purchase the album on CD/Vinyl here - http://www.vegaproductions.org/mn-beatle-project/minnesota-beatle-project-vol-3/

Or buy the album on iTunes - http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/minnesota-beatle-project-vol./id485564986